Questions We Get Asked

How does it all work…planning a wedding at the Outrigger while living in another state? 

This is precisely why we have the Wedding in a Basket!   All of the details are arranged before you even arrive at the resort.  Once you are checked – in, you are on vacation!  With a wedding in the middle!   Your first step, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.  We verify that the date you are looking for is available and the planning begins.  You will have a personal phone call with the resort’s group coordinator and then onto the wedding coordinator. 

How do I start?

Now that you have decided the Outrigger beach is where you want to start your married life; a non-refundable $300 deposit reserves your wedding date.

When should I have my wedding? 

Another great thing about destination weddings is that it doesn’t lock you into a specific day of the week.  Everyone’s on vacation, anyway, so why not have the wedding on a weekday evening and avoid the Saturday pricing.

What are the Florida marriage license requirements?

Getting married in Florida is simple.   Out of  state residents, do not have a waiting period.   You simply appear together at the Clerk of the Court office, present a photo ID, and pay the fee ($93.50) in cash.  No blood test here!   If your time in Florida does not allow for an in person application, please ask us about the mail services that can be arranged.   Florida residents must complete a pre-marital counseling course or allow for a 3-day waiting period from application to license effective date.  We will provide any directions or other assistance if you need.   Following the ceremony, we file your license on your behalf.

How does my family make their room reservations?

Your first phone call will be our resort group coordinator and she will be your partner in making your destination wedding successful and stress free.  You will discuss with her the room requirements that must be met before your wedding is held on the resort.   We feel that the property belongs to our registered guests and they are able to use the property for weddings or receptions.   So how many rooms will you need for your wedding?  We use the Rule of Three!

Example:  If your wedding is, the bride and groom plus 28 guests (30 people total) then you will be required to have 10 rooms for at least 2 nights each. (30 people ÷ 3 people per room = 10 rooms).

What happens if it rains?

The key to a successful destination event is to understand that Mother Nature rules.   She provides the incredible sunsets as well as the raindrops; sometimes it just requires a slight delay to see her majestic sunsets!   However, in case of rain, we have a beautiful tiki covered deck that can serve as “plan b”!

Receptions…dinners…parties, what to do after the ceremony?

We have many options at unbelievably affordable prices!  Chose a casual outside buffet on the Outrigger Tiki Deck or an indoor sit-down reception at Charley’s Boat House Grill.  Cash or open bar is available at either location.  If your plans involve a large party when you get back home and you just want to enjoy a glass of champagne and the sunset with your newly betrothed after the ceremony, that is okay, too.  You can do as little or as much as you want at the Outrigger.  We do not lock you into large food and beverage requirements.

What about music?

We offer live music at the Tiki Bar Wednesday through Friday, 5pm – 8pm and Saturday, 2 – 5pm.   If you are looking for something a bit more private and longer, your resort group coordinator will help.

We want to party after the party!

And so many of our couples do!  The evening will start winding down after everyone is filled from the fantastic reception dinner.   But, for the night owls you might consider renting an open-air trolley to visit the late nightspots in Times Square (our downtown Fort Myers Beach area).   If you want to stay a little closer to “home,” the Outrigger has a small meeting space that will accommodate up to 40 people for a little “after-hours” revelry.

My fiancé’s only requirement is ….!

Wedding in a Basket provides you the basics of all wedding needs.   But there are many different things that can be added to your basket.   Please look at our add-ons!  If you still don’t see the one thing you MUST have, your coordinators will do their best to get it for you!   Please remember that these prices are inclusive except for taxes.  If you have any changes, there will be additional costs.

Who will perform the ceremony?  Do we need to write our own vows?

We have many different ceremonies to choose from, and you will have the opportunity to look over options and choose the words that you will live by.  The vows were written with a lot of love and all are spiritual and romantic. This is your day and they can be personalized with readings, music, song, whatever you desire. 

Will there be a wedding rehearsal?

Another plus for a destination beach wedding, it is so easy practice isn’t necessary!  But if you feel the need, a rehearsal can be added to your basket.  My wedding party wants a spa day the morning of the wedding, is it possible?  Absolutely we have a beautiful day spa across the street from the resort that does the absolute BEST pedicures! (We know!)

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