What is there to do that will interest all of us?

If you can drag the kids out of the pool, the teens away from the volleyball nets, and the elders away from the Tiki Bar, then here are some great ideas for games and activities that will entertain everyone:

Sit around in a group and tell stories (preferably embarrassing) about each other.  The best story wins!   Try to aim for funny and embarrassing (therefore funny) areas.   Kids always love to hear grandpa and grandma tell stories about their parents (you know why kids and grandparents get along so well... they have a common enemy).  And don't forget to ask the kids to tell stories – they’re the best way to get the good stories about their parents. Warning: you may need to act quick to stop them from telling some stories.

Craft Table
Provide the supplies and let the kid’s creativity keep them busy.  Designate a table and cover it with an inexpensive plastic tablecloth.   Then set out construction paper, rounded –tip scissors (safety first!), glue, water soluble paint and brushes, markers, and other arts and crafts supplies. Ideally, an adult should be present to motivate them or assign specific activities, or just let the kids do whatever they want with what's available.

Family Memorabilia
Create an attractive display of old photographs and family paraphernalia.  Ask everyone to bring something to display.  Set aside a table for "missing persons" – pictures of ancestors whom you can’t identify.  Maybe someone else will recognize them.

Family Talent Show
You will be surprised at the talents of your various family members.  Make sure you tell everyone about the talent show in the invitation so they can remember to bring something with them (like their guitar, juggling balls, or tap shoes).   Judge the winner in each category by applause and make up awards to hand out.

Time Capsule
This is an activity which also needs to be announced prior to the reunion.  Ask each family to contribute something which represents their family to be placed in a time capsule.  Choose a date when the capsule should be opened and store it someplace with the instructions as to when it can be cracked open (ten, twenty, fifty years).   Keep in mind, even though it would be fun to open a 50 year old time capsule, those who added to the capsule often won’t be around 50 years later.

Pie-Eating Contest
These are the best and it has been scientifically (well, maybe not) affirmed that pie-eating contests are extremely fun.  There are two methods – the person who can eat the most pie in an allotted amount of time (usually five minutes or so), or the person who can eat the most period.   The second is funnier to watch, because many get sick.  For the best results, no hands or utensils are allowed.

Guess Who?
Ask everyone to bring a baby picture with their name on the back.   Have everyone walk around a display table and try to guess who each picture is.   "Why look, that’s Grandma Gertrude!   She hasn’t changed a bit, has she?   A bit more wrinkled, perhaps…"

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