Tiki Bar and Entertainment

Join us at the beachside Tiki Bar

The Outrigger Tiki Bar is known as the best island Tiki Bar in Southwest Florida.  The atmosphere at the Tiki Bar brings instant relaxation to a stress-filled traveler and should always be one of the first stops upon your arrival.  The Tiki Bar is THE spot on Fort Myers Beach to mingle with the local natives and your fellow Outrigger guests.  Many of our ‘beach buddy’ friendships have started at the Tiki Bar.

Phil, Jim and Patty are serving daily from noonish until ten pm.  Come on down, there is a seat waiting for you.

Entertainment At The Outrigger

The Tiki Bar offers live entertainment several times a week. A perfect place to enjoy our brilliant sunsets, conch concerto and our favorite tropical cocktails. 

Whether it’s Endre D, Smokin' Bill, Allen Small, Small Town, Two Hands or GEO, plan on a great afternoon or evening of music and dancing.  Make sure you don’t miss your favorite entertainer.  Entertainment plays Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 5-8pm and Saturday and Sunday from 2-5pm (weather permitting).  We are always looking for new entertainment – have you heard someone exceptional?  Let us know!

Musical Entertainment

TWO HANDS - "Most compliments I am getting about my music is how real and complete the sound is, just like a live band. The reason is simple, I DON'T use drum machines, sequencers, MIDI files or computer generated anything. Just good old fashion man made music. Every instruments played and recorded in my home studio. Don't like to interpret music, enjoy the challenge to re-create them as close as I can to the originals... Many thanks to all the friends and my daughter who chipped in with their incredible vocals on some of the background tracks..."

SMALL TOWN - The crowd is restless. It's as if a familiar scent of excitement has intoxicated their senses. Lights dim. There is movement from the side of the stage. Figures emerge. A beating drum is heard. Guitars begin to plead with each member of the audience, asking them to participate, to surrender. The bass begins to rumble. And it begins. Listeners are thrust into the world of SmallTown. Soaring harmonies, blazing guitars, thundering drums and 4 vocalists numb the senses with top shelf musicianship and talent. Not to mention the hits from their debut CD, The Last Great Goodbye. A musical rollercoaster ride that begs the listener to return to familiar territory, citing influences as broad as Bon Jovi and George Strait, Def Leppard and Garth Brooks. Put simply, quite a ride.

SMOKIN' BILL - With more than 30 years of professional performing experience – and a repertoire of tunes from Country to Rock & Roll to Rhythm & Blues, Surf and Reggae – Smokin' Bill has something to suit every musical taste.

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